I never promised you a ray of light


I’m just a miller’s daughter.

If I can’t marry you, then my daughter will!

- Cora Mills (via fedupwithfairytales)

  • Cora: Regina,
  • Cora: Zelena.
  • Cora: Queen,
  • Cora: Green.
  • Cora: I gath-
  • Regina & Zelena: wow mom you suck at this naming thing

Someone once told me to act like what you plan to be. So I try to be a little bit better than what I am.

Does it bother anyone else that Cora was in love & in a relationship with the same man she made her daughter marry and they acted liked nothing ever happened! Talk about a creepy love triangle.

(Source: thevillain-s)


So I’m wondering, since Adam said Leopold knew that it was Cora’s daughter he was marrying years later, cause he knew that Cora was in fact Cora, then does that mean he thought Regina was the child Cora was pregnant with when they almost married? Cause even if that’s not the case, that is just way more fucked up than I could honestly deal with. 

A&E, what the hell happened to you both in your childhoods? What the actual fuck?


so did baby zelena cast that green tornado that send her to Oz?